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About patterns (patterns)

What is a pattern?

What is a pattern (pattern)? It is necessary to cut fabrics and leather

It's like a "ruler".

A craftsman named Patanner is designed based on the image entrusted by the designer.

By the way, the name of the pattern is only in Japan,

Overseas, it is called "Pattern Maker".

The image entrusted by the designer varies, such as design, photos, movies, and used clothes.

To make it a real clothes based on that "Pattern Maker "Is a concrete design.

The method of design is how to draw directly on paper by hand.

There is a method of drawing on a PC system on a PC, and in modern times, the latter is mostly.

If the basic design is available, it is called size grading

It is necessary to make a pattern for each size.

Analog format even in modern times

After outputting the paper on the CAD system, move to an analog process.

There is a task to transfer it to cardboard to make it a "ruler".

Of course, you have to transfer all parts and all sizes.

By the way, if it is a Moto Jacket of A Leather, it will be 200 parts per product number 7 sizes.

I cut it using this ruler,

The instructioner determines the direction of the leather and the thickness of the leather.

For example, a place where the joints were around to move around the arm.

Cutting makes clothes easy to wear.

It is cut by thinking for each part, one by one,

To be better clothes "Pattern Maker is designed with patterns.