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2023SS〜Sports Style〜

2023SS ~ Sports Style ~

A Leather, just one year from launch in March 2023.

This 23SS new work is broadly divided into three categories.



◆ Basic style

◆ Clothing style


Today I would like to introduce Sports Style from this.


Varsity Jacket

¥ 71,000+tax (left: size38)
¥ 83,600+TAX (right: size56)

Design inspired by sportswear.

White tannin and chrome combination tanned leather

Uses a cow leather that combines moderate thickness and softness.

Although it is loose -fit, the size that is not too much is ◎

Simple, focusing on rib material and color scheme

An item that is packed with designers.

Because the length varies greatly depending on the size

Please choose the size according to your favorite style.




Fooded Pullover

¥ 77,000+tax

A cow leather that is dyed with only dye and finished exceptionally.

Designed inspired by nylon anorak.

The lining uses a moisture -absorbing and quick -drying mesh material

Combined with the lightness of the leather, the feeling of wearing is just like sportswear.

It should be a unisex item as an outer and tops.




Humongous Track Jacket

¥ 130,000+tax

Outerwear based on training wear

Items inspired by the track jacket (jersey).

A cowhide that has been finished with a soft leather that has been carefully dyed.

It is possible to change the shape by squeezing the draw code on the hem.

Unisex over silhouette jacket.




Jog Pants

¥ 60,000+tax (size 26/28inch)
¥ 65,000+tax (size 32/34inch)
BLACK SIZE 26/28/32/34inch

The jog pants that are now established as fashion items are expressed with leather.

Use leather from the waist to the ribs of the hem.

Uses a soft, stretchy cowhide

This is also a mesh material of moisture absorption and quick -drying.

Comfortable comfort on the hips and legs that fits.

It is a unisex size development,

Because the waist can be adjusted with the draw code

It is also attractive to be able to choose a size that suits your body type and taste.




A-line skirt

¥ 65,000+tax

 Leather skirt that can be worn comfortably even in summer with a flare silhouette.

The use of the waist can be adjusted with a draw code like Jog Pants.

The hem has a casual atmosphere by using it cut.

The cowhide finished thinly and lightly

Draw a beautiful drape unique to a skirt

Even though it is a black long skirt, it is not heavy.




Jog Shorts

¥ 46,000+tax (size 26inch)
¥ 48,000+tax (size 32/34inch)
BLACK SIZE 26/32/34inch

 Shorts with a wide silhouette.

A jog type that you wear in the sports scene.

Use a zipper for pockets and a drawcode for the waist

Both appearance and comfort are similar to real sportswear.

Compared to the previous year's Easy Shorts

Update to a slightly compact, simple and sporty design.




How was that.

For various reasons, "leather has a high hurdle"

This is a particularly recommended category for those who thought.

I've been familiar with me I've seen somewhere

This style inspired by sportswear

Easy to incorporate as fashion

You will surely fit your clothes!

A Leather is because it is a soft, stretchy finished leather used

Many items that can be designed.

You can try it on in Kita -ku, OsakaA Boutiqueonly.

By all means, please visit and wear it.