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2023SS〜Clothing Style〜

2023SS ~ Clothing Style ~


A Leather's 23SS new work consists of three major categories.



◆ Basic style

◆ Clothing style


This time, I focus on Clothing Style from this

I would like to introduce you.

A Leather from the launch timing

We have developed Tailored Collar Jacket.

Make a thin and carefully dyed cowhide thinly

Sewing in a precise design by a pattern and can only be done by skilled craftsmen

The finished jacket is not as good as it looks

The comfort is also outstanding and it often becomes SOLD OUT ...

A lot of popular items among the Leather expanded

It is a number of items to be introduced in the future.

Please take a look.




¥ 85,000+tax

Tuxedo pants

¥ 70,000+tax (size26/28inch)
¥ 75,000+tax (size32/34inch)


Suede in the wool of general tuxedo

Express the silk part by leather.

Leather is a soft dyed cowhide

Use a 0.7mm thick, thin transparent one.

Although both jackets and pants are described as men's

Actually, the size development is jacket size48 ~

Unisex item that can be worn by women 26inch ~.

Since it is not a set, only a jacket or pants

You can also incorporate it in fashion ◎

It is also worn in the top and bottom setup ◎

In goodsBow TieorSUSPENDERSCummerbundof

There is also a preparation. It is a series that you want to complete.





Women's Long Vest

¥ 79,000+tax
size one


The best items have ever been

It has been released in various types

This is also an excellent thing that can be worn for a long season

A Leather has gained secret popularity.

The best of this season is women's beautiful long vest.

This is also a soft dyed cowhide,

Leather = Hard, dispel the casual image

Finished with an elegant atmosphere.

The material called leather is easy to match with other materials.

Of course for beautiful fashion

A wide range of coordination with denim and T -shirts

You can use it.

It is good to have leather that can be incorporated even in the short sleeve season.

*It will be in stock around mid -April.





¥ 65,000+tax


This jacket is also finished with 0.7mm thickness.

Use cowhide. The comfort is very soft and stress -free.

Be aware of femininity and tailor ring

Designed with minimal mode image.

It is a wing button where the button is not visible from the table

The appearance is simpler.





Double Breasted Jacket

¥ 85,000+tax

This is also described as a men's

Items that can be worn by unisex.

With double blest design

Both the buttonhole in front of the upper front and bottom are specifications.

The shoulder adopts a concapeed processing shoulder.

There is a change pocket, and with the specification of Honokiri

It is a design that follows traditional details.

This is also a thin and soft cowhide

Despite the strength of cowhide

The comfort is very soft and I can wear it for a long time ◎




The image of leather = Riders is also strong

A Leather's Clothing Style is a natural image

It is a lineup that is easy to use daily.

The texture of leather that cannot be conveyed online sites

I hope you can visit the store and pick it up and experience it.

Staff who are familiar with the size and texture of the item

If you want to know more, we are there.

Please feel free to contact us by chat.


Next time, items that have not been introduced so far

Here are some carefully selected from the 23ss look.

~ Special edition ~ Please look forward to it!