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"A Leather" base

 Osaka base A Leather

"A Leather"The base is located east of the center of Osaka

A building that was once a newspaper delivery shop in the Tenma area
It was renovated and opened with a solid image.
The name of this base is named "A Boutique".

It is the original meaning of Boutique

Small -scale retailers and craftsmenStore "To express

Most area from the entranceI occupy it

There is a workplace for sewing craftsmen and patterners behind the store.

Hangers and linear LED lighting hanging from the ceiling with a wire,

Piping repainted in silver,
Use a spots on the floor and walls

Improve harmony with leather products.

In the atelier part at the back of the store

Design, pattern creation, PR activities, sample creation

We also provide this production of some leather accessories.
This is all staff related to manufacturing, sales, and PR

In an environment where you can see your face most
It is an environment where you can get the best results with that in mind.

And there is no sign in this building.

The neon sign of a large "A" that is shaped like a metal frame is a landmark.