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A LEATHERの考える価格と価値

A Leather's price and value



A Leather tanner (tanned factory) used in Leather

It is located in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Cow skin, which is a raw material for leather, is like beef and dairy cows in Japan.

Supply from livestock industry.

The process of creating products by collecting materials (planning, cutting, sewing)

It is completed in Osaka city.


And it is used for "A Leather" products

Most of the materials such as leather, zipper, lining, and sewing yarn are also made in Japan.

As for the raw material, the raw material of polyester sewing yarn is petroleum.

The raw materials of the zushi part of the zipper are copper and aluminum.

Because the raw materials of this material cannot be secured in Japan

I use something imported from overseas,

I use everything made in the background of Japan.

"A Leather" realizes as much as possible in Japan as possible

I chose to reduce the selling price.

Leather products made in Japan are still high unit prices

There is a reality that can only be accepted by some people.

Upper generation, wholesale rate, sale, etc. in the Japanese apparel industry

Realizes price free settings by getting out of merchant culture

I started exploring many customers to suggest.

Many brands are to supply and sell a large number of products

It is customary to be distributed through many outsourcing companies,

What we can do is what we can

Using the know -how and technology we have cultivated

Material procurement, product design, product creation, press, EC operation, with a small number of elites

We do directly at over -the -counter sales and shipment work at our staff.

This reduces the intermediate margin and realizes cost cuts.

We succeeded in providing good things by allowing the brand values ​​at once.
By reducing the value of the leather to the price setting that is easy to reach

Delivering cost -effective leather to more customers,

I want to like leather more

A Leather has the idea of ​​building a Japanese leather more common to build the foundation for nurturing younger generation craftsmen in the future.