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Leather history

200,000 years of history

The history of humanity and leather is old,

It is said to go back to the Paleolithic era about 200,000 years ago.

Humanity first performed scientific processing

It is said that it was a fire and leather tanning,

Humanity who has lived by hunting

I have used fur and leather to protect myself from cold and shock.

From the archeological site of the Paleolithic era, tools used for leather processing have been found,

It is presumed that it was used to remove hair.

Humanity is a "tanned technology" that makes "skin" into "leather", and

Involved the "processing technology" that makes leather products as a product,

It is said that there is a history that has been handed down.




For the first time in Japan, leather appeared in books in the Heian period.

To the "Enki ceremony" of the law at the time,

The place name of Harima (now around Himeji) is described as "leather production area".

The Enki ceremony is a book completed in 927 AD, so the history of Harima's leather is

It has been proved to exceed 1000 years.

From the archeological site built in the 5th century of the Sakurazuka Burial Mounds in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture

Even because a leather shield was excavated

The leather industry is a culture that has been deeply rooted in the history of Japan.

The origin of the "leather" kanji in words such as "reform" and "innovation" in Japanese

"Leather can be made by peeling the skin" This isChange the shape up to that point,

It means to change, remove, and be new.

The reading of the leather is "leather".

In the same sense as "change", the old one is new and improved, etc.

It means that it will be in a different condition than before.

Most of the leather used in "A Leather" is

We use something made of Himeji tanner.

Sewing is also by craftsmen in Osaka city.

To further develop leather products in this region

It is one of our missions.