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Humongous Trucker Jacket

Humongous Trucker Jacket


Humongous Trucker Jacket Uses deer leather.
Dia leather, also called leather cashmere
A Leather is the softest leather quality in leather.
It has a slightly matte finish with the characteristics of leather
It features a gentle black color.

This product proposed over size is
The feeling of falling along the body

It is unique to Dia Leather.


The size development is unisex and ONE SIZE.

A big silhouette that is also a trendIt's a jacket, but
A sense of omission with a sense of omissionNot only fashion can
Thick knit and pulloverBecause you can coordinate
More than the jacket selected in just size
You can also wear it in a long season
It is one of the charms.

Leather G Jean

This design called the second.
Not only casual coordination
The luxury of leather is exceptional
Please incorporate it into a beautiful style.





Wide pants and large silhouettes
Coordination with the inner is also ◎
Because it is ONE SIZE in unisex,
Depending on the height and body type of the wearer
The impression changes.
Both delicate women and large men
Anyone can wear it
Please try it on once.
*"MEN'S NON-NO" October issue page quoted
*"FORBES JAPAN" September issue publication cover quote


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