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What is the style of pattern (pattern)?

Pattern makers have good silhouettes and comfortable things

We are designed to be particular about the pattern.

Pattern makers around the world are working on this.

In fact, there are various styles in these commitments.
For example, suppose you sew your clothes with a three -dimensional pattern along your body.

At the time of shipment to keep this solid, it is called "hanger flight"

It will be shipped to the warehouse or store with a hanger.

The reason is that if you fold the solid, the silhouette will collapse.

This is because there are many wrinkles.

Conversely, shirts that are folded and packaged.

In fact, it has been designed to be folded neatly.

This is to improve the efficiency of logistics and storage.

Complex that people often have,

For example, you want to make it look thin or make your legs look longer.

There is also a silhouette cutting that can be solved by the illusion.

In addition, increase the yield of cutting

There is also a design that aims to reduce the number of places to be thrown away as garbage.

A typical one is the so -called ears with ears. This is the end of the dough without cutting the pants side line.

There is also the meaning of yield and sewing.

The same is true for Japanese kimonos if you say that a linear cutting improves yield.

A straight cutting has an atmosphere

It will be a fashion style.

Furthermore, imagine a hanger at the store

Sometimes it is designed with a sense of incongruity on the sleeve silhouette.

If this is displayed as a hanger,

How to get customers pick up clothes in a state where you can only see your sleeves

It is a method that I thought and devised.

In this way, there is a pattern design that suits the purpose.
A Leather's commitment to pattern making

Depending on the leather part, it grows or has implicit thickness,

To be able to make materials that have individual differences evenly as much as possible

Don't feel the weight when you switch or wear it

Designed to distribute the weight on the entire shoulder.

And leather is a material that cannot be sewn.

Once the sewing machine is entered, it will remain as a hole and cannot be sewn again. For that reason, draw a line that is as easy to sew,

It is essential to design the sewing order simply.

The width of the seam allowance is also different.

The fabric product is generally 10mm to 15mm, but for leather, it is 5mm to 10mm.

This is the difference because the strength of the material and the method of blending are different.
Pattern makers don't just make a beautiful silhouette,

Efficiently cutting with the image of the actual completed state,

It is designed to be sewn.