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Moto Jacket

Moto Jacket


A Leather in leather jackets

We have a wide variety of "types", "size", and "color".

The most lost point when purchasing at ONLINE is "size".

This time, Men'sMoto JacketI will write in detail about.


Moto Jacket

Generally, "Double Riders Jacket"

This jacket called.


Various arrangements have been made by many brands

It is a double riders jacket,

A Leather does not specify the culture or style

We have a simple design and stick to the silhouette.

Double riders have motorcycles and locks, a little strong image

There are many people, but A LeatherMoto Jacketteeth

It goes well with adult fashion that can be dressed even when you grow up

The casual coolness is one of the attractions.



To have more people wear a leather jacket

A LeatherMoto JacketIs available in 9 sizes.


I think that there are many people who get lost if there is such a size

I will introduce the size in detail, including purchases.


[Example] The standard body type with a height 175cmMoto JacketWhen choosing

・ If the inner is only a thin one = 50

・ If the size is good and you can afford a little extra = 52

・ If you want to wear thick things on the inner or buy a little larger = 54

You can choose like this.


Because of the large size development, the difference between size and size is

It's small, so when you come to the store, try it on 2-3 sizes

It is recommended to decide.

Because ONLINE SHOP cannot try on

Some people are worried about the size and can't get to the purchase ...

I think there are many.

In such a caseCONTACTIf you contact us

Staff who are familiar with the size meet your wishes

We will propose the perfect size.

Please contact us once.

Also, in A LeatherSize exchange free serviceWe are doing

Please feel free to use this.



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