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Music Jacket

Music Jacket


A LeatherMusic JacketCalled
This jacket is
It was claimed to be a legendary leather brand in the 70's
It is very popular among "EAST WEST"
A model of the jacket "Winchester".
With a western design collar
A design featuring the pleated pocket on the front.
Give an outstanding presence and among "East West"
It is a masterpiece jacket.


thisMusic Jacket The origin of
The leather brand "East West" is
Especially musicians
It is said to be a legendary brand that I wore.
Mick Jaguar and Elvis Presley
I heard that David Bowie was wearing it.
When I flipped the collar, it was often found in jackets around the 70's
The "hidden pocket" is also finely reproduced.
Please see the detailed details at the store.


A LeatherMusic jacketteeth
We use cowhide of Japanese domestic raw skin.
Slowly dye with Himeji tanner with room temperature water
The finish is gorgeous processed
Even if it is soft and comfortable
It also has a firm and firm leather -like strength
Both practical and fashion
I use high leather.
This jacket is the same as other jackets
Produced at a sewing factory in Osaka
Fine details are also based on craftsmen's advanced technology
It has a very beautiful finish.

Color and Size

Color: Black/Pink/Green/Blue
Size: 46‑58
There are many variations for both colors and sizes.
For those who usually choose S size, 46‑48
If you usually choose M size, 50‑52
54‑56 for those who usually choose L size
58 people who usually choose XL size
The criterion is to select a size like this.
For something that seems to fit depending on the feeling of wearing
You can also increase the size and down
Of course it is possible.

"I want to choose a design that doesn't cover people very much."
Especially recommended for those who are particular about
It is a design.
Winchester jacket and East West
For those who know history and those who are not
Please see it at the store or online store.
*Quoted from the "Men's Non-no Web" publication page

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