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About sewing

Fabric products are usually sewn in a method called "line".
For example, the person who only makes the collar, the person who makes only the pocket, the person who assembles the last
In this way, it is efficiently produced in the flow work.
Unlike this, the sewing of the leather jacket is basically one craftsman
I will finish it one by one. This is called "round sewing" and with a tailor craftsman
In the same way, finish by hand. It may be inefficient
The convenience of being unable to mass -produce and by finishing it alone
There is a merit that the quarrel stabilizes.


The summary of the sewing thread is roasted with a writer from the back

Prevents fraying by dissolving polyester yarn.

After sewing the tight part of the curve, make a cut in the sewing part.

Adjust so that a beautiful silhouette comes out.

Hit the seam allowance with a hammer and hit it to be flat.
It is decided to sew the rubber glue on the seam allowance.
Because it is made like this, depending on the design
Some take one to two days. Inheriting this technology to posterity is one of the missions of "A Leather".