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Women's Racer Jacket

Women's Racer Jacket


This timeWomen's Racer Jacketabout
I will introduce it.
"Single riders jacket" generally
This design is called
Because the motorcycle race is the roots
A Leather "Racer jacket
I call it.
Double riders jacketThe big difference is
The shape of the collar, the number of pockets and positions.
There is no big collar like a moto jacket
At first glance it's very simple
Therefore, the goodness of leather and patterns shines.
It can be called a jacket with a presence.


Ladies size is available in 5 sizes.
For example, regardless of height, even S size clothes are usually
For those who feel a little big ...
Size32 is recommended.
It depends on the size settings for each brand,
It is an image like XS.
Double riders jacketCompared to
The length, shoulder width, sleeve length, and waist are almost the same
It is designed with a small width of 1 cm for each size.


Double RidersBecause it is a simpler design compared to
It is also easy to coordinate with various clothes.

Because the length is set to "just right" length
Pants with wide silhouettes and flare skirts
Even the voluminous bottoms
You can coordinate in a well -balanced manner.
Because it is an elegant design
Even when you want a slightly beautiful style
Beautiful bottoms and shirts such as slacks
You can also wear it even in combination.

High neck tops in the fall and winter season
Winds such as muffler and scarf
Even those who prefer the style
Because the neck of the jacket is clean
I think it is easy to coordinate.


In addition to the classic BLACK, there are PINK and Green.

A LeatherWomen's Leather Jacketof
Black is mostly called "water dyeing"
The leather made by the manufacturing method is used.

With a very soft, light finish cowhide
Take the time and carefully
Because it is dyed to the leather core
It is difficult to discolor due to friction and aging of wearing.
It is one of the features.

Don't get used to it as you wear it
Soft leather jacket from the day I bought it
Please touch it once.


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