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2023SS〜Basic Style〜

2023SS ~ Basic style ~

I told you last time

A Leather's 23SS new work is roughly divided into three categories.



◆ Basic style

◆ Clothing style


Last time I talked about Sprots Style in detail.

This time, I would like to introduce BASIC STYLE from this.



Racer Jacket

¥ 72,000+tax

A design that is simpler and easier to wear than a double riders jacket.

While leaving a rugged atmosphere

You can wear a beautiful jacket as if you put it on.

Regardless of age, favorite style, and culture

The first place that is easy to incorporate into fashion.

It is also available in various body types due to many sizes.

A classic type from Leather's launch.

A very popular racer jacket

There are many timing of SOLD OUT

If you are interested, it is an item you want to get as soon as possible.





Women's Moto Jacket

¥ 68,000+tax

I have already introduced Black on my blog so far

In fact, there is a lineup of PINK and GREEN.

Women's picks up the body line especially

The point is the elaborate exquisite silhouette.

The length is also a moderate length

Volume bottoms, dresses, etc.

Fits various coordination.

The vivid pink is a bright color that attracts eye

Recommended for one point of mode fashion.

BLACK only has a new size this spring.

Size42/44 is the length and length, the sleeve length is the same length

Because the size is increased by only the width of the body and shoulder width

You can fine -tune the size according to your taste and body type.

Please try it.





Moto Jacket

¥ 81,000+tax

 BLACK is also introduced before

Like women, there are plenty of color variations, so

This time, I would like to introduce GREEN.

Not a vintage or biker

Established design as fashion.

While in the double riders

Moto Jacket, which was designed as simple as possible

I want to wear it as I get older, regardless of age

Finished into an unreasonable item that does not get out of fashion.

And this spring, BROWN appears as a new color!

It changes from pink or green

Classic and vintage modern atmosphere is also ◎

Also pay attention to the texture of suede, zip and buttons.



A Leather has Seasonal Item and Basic Item

For BASIC ITEM, even if the season changes

It is an item that continues.

They are not just the history of A Leather

It is an indispensable item to talk about the history of leatherwear.

It is a design that will continue to be loved in the future.

One place that can be used for a long time and such one that can be worn every day,

To be the first place that can be used even if the taste of clothes changes

A Leather is designed with the essence.

A brand with a simple design and size

It is highly recommended for those who are looking for it.

Please try it on once.


Next time is the introduction of Clothing Style. looking forward to.