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What is the value of "Made in Japan"?

What is made in Japan?

"Made in Japan" is a product manufactured in Japan.

Under Japanese law, if the final process is performed in Japan, it is recognized as "made in Japan".

For example, imported in a Pakistan, imported, and

Import fasteners from the United States,

If the lining is imported from China and sewn at a Japanese sewing factory, it will be a "Japanese product".


However, the fact that the material is raised where the designer is invisible is

Sometimes you can hit unexpected reality.

In recent years, it emphasizes costs, such as the problem of fuses of production and poor production sites.

It is no exception for the apparel industry that has sacrificed many parts.

SDGs values ​​accelerated by Corona whirlpool,

Connect the technology inheritance of sustainability and production sites to make it sustainable.

Rather than high cost performance

The idea of ​​buying something that is worth the product

Answer that it is mainstream.



How to deal with "made in Japan"

A Leather products are not only sewing

As much as possible, such as zipper, lining, buttons, attached hangers

I use Japanese products.

Leather is also tanned with Japanese tanners.

Regarding the cowhide

We use only those produced on a Japanese ranch.

Other raw skins use more than 90 % of them in Japan.

I am trying to make it 100 %.

As you may know, Japan is a country with few resources.

Therefore, the raw material of the metal used in the zipper is an import raw material.

Most of the feed for ranch breeding is also imported raw materials.

It is a difficult environment to fully achieve Japanese made in Japan,

Materials used by our design team for products

The values ​​that you should check the quality yourself at the production site.

This is A LeatherThat's why you stick to "Made in Japan".