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Humongous Moto Jacket

Humongous Moto Jacket


"Humongous" series.

I have introduced it in the classic design so far

It is a big silhouette ver.

Don't look too big even in oversized

I use the supple and soft leather of the deer leather

It features a silhouette with a feeling of falling.

Unlike the classic double riders

There is an epolette on the shoulder or a belt loop on the hem

It is a jacket that is particular about details.


*Quoted from the "Men's Non-no Web" publication page


Development of size34/50/56.
Because it is a unisex item
What kind of body type regardless of gender
It is a jacket that can be worn no matter what size is selected.
The ladies' model in the photo below is
I wear a thin type = size34 at 163cm.
This is a large silhouette
It is ideal to wear it with a sense of size.
The men's model in the photo below is
I wear = size56 with 183cm thin type.
For those who often wear general XL size
This size is recommended.


Unlike just fit leather jackets
You can wear thick tops that can be worn by the inner
The feature is that the deformed tops can be matched without difficulty.
As with the jacket, over silhouette
Even if you combine it with the tops ◎
The advantage of being able to wear is that you can wear long seasonal leather.
A thick sweater even in the cold winter
Because you can match the inner down etc.
You can also add it to the winter fashion style.
*Quoted from the "Men's Non-no Web" publication page

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