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What are fake leather, vegan leather, eco -laser?


Fake leather, vegan leather, eco -lesses

Various classifications are now.

The current situation is that there are things that have not been determined by the wrong interpretation or definition.

I would like to show the criteria to consider as a leather here.

《Fake leather》

Fake leather is classified as synthetic leather and artificial leather,

It is a material made to resemble leather.

Synthetic leather is the base material on the base material, and at the top of it.

A polyurethane resin is painted or pasted.

Artificial leather is a structure that resembles genuine leather.

Interforward ultra -fine nylon and polyester fibers in three dimensions,

Most of the surface is made of polyurethane resin.

It is inexpensive and easy to distribute, but due to hydrolysis

The drawback is that the life is short because deterioration begins in about three years.
Also, it is a petroleum raw material,

In one theory, it is said that oil will be depleted in about 45 years.

We need a new material development that turns into fake leather.


"Vegan Leather"

firstVegetarian(Vegetarian) means "vegetarian"

I do not eat animal meat but eat fish and eggs, etc.

Those who do not eat meat for various reasons such as having it.
On the other handVegan(Vegan) means "complete vegetarian"

I don't eat any animal foods, such as eggs, dairy products, and honey.

It is a principle that avoids products using animals (leather, wool, etc.).

VEGAN (Vegan) is food, selling, labor, hunting, experiment

And from human animals by human beings for all other applications

For the purpose of ending exploitation

Close to this ideal as long as the personal situation allows

It is the principle of working to live.
thisVeganIt was developed according to the principle of (Vegan)

VEGAN LEATHER(Vegan leather).

A synthetic leather made to resemble a real natural leather without using animals,

Vegan leather is also included in vegetable leather made from plants.

It is considering the environment and ecosystem, and is becoming a hot topic in the fashion industry.

Milo (Milo (MyLo)、

Pinytex with pineapple leaves as a raw material (Piñatex)、

Cactus was used as a raw materialDesserto(dessert),

I made the grape squeezing as a raw materialVEGEA(Veget) etc.

It is developed by manufacturers from each country.
However, the life of the material is short,

It still takes time to get closer to genuine leather because the texture is different.


"Eco Leather"

An eco -leser is environmentally friendly in leather manufacturing.

It is a genuine leather recognized by a certified organization.
Certified organizations are Switzerland Eco Tex, GermanySg

JapaneseJesThere are (Japan Eco Leather Standards).
The main requirements of Jes are as follows.
・ Being natural leather.
-The leather manufactured in a factory where drainage and waste treatment were properly managed.
・ Smell, chemical substance (formaldehyde/heavy metal/PCP/It must meet a certain standard for prohibited azo dye/carcinogenic dye use) and the degree of dyeing friction.
・ The product surface area60Use leather more than %.
・ Being a by -product of meat (food).
・ Do not impair the leather function in reuse.
Himeji leather, which is the most standard in A Leather

JesCertified number190022We have obtained a certificate.
I usually crush the cut -off of leather that is discarded and harden with a resin in a cloth.

There is a "composition leather"

Some manufacturers describe this as an eco -leser.

The life is 1 to 3 years because the resin is still used.
The current situation is that the definition of eco -leather is not unified.

What we need to think about

Buy non -ethical products,

If you get tired, you can deviate from the cycle of discarding

It is one of the common goals of the future.

You can enjoy vegan leather or aging as value

In this era, it is necessary to use good quality leather items for a long time.
A Leather is currentlyWe do not use vegan leather.
The reason is that the life of the vegan leather material is short.

Because we have not found anything that satisfies the quality we want.

Vegan leather research has progressed,

If the life and texture fluctuateA leatherAs

You can develop products using vegan leather

It's not that time now.
Not only meat but also

Sometimes children are born and have to rely on powdered milk.

Elementary school students are paid milk from school for growth.

Cakes are indispensable for birthdays and Christmas.
Many pharmaceuticals are also made from animal raw materials.

The capsules of swallowing are also made of gelatin and animal raw materials.
In other words, there is no option not to use leather as a secondary product.