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2023SS〜Extra Edition〜

2023SS ~ Extra Edition ~

So far, it has been the main of A Leather 2023SS

We have introduced category products.


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 This time, it's EXTRA edition

I want to recommend A Leather this season even more

Used Brown of Cowhide Suede

I would like to carefully select and introduce items.




Humongous Trucker Jacket

¥ 125,000+tax (size 50)
¥ 130,000+tax (size 56)
size 50/56


Until now, it has been deployed with Deer Leather

Humongous Trucker Jacketbut,

New colors and new sizes have appeared this spring.

This year's new color = Brown uses cowhide suede brown.

By using the suede surface,

This time it was finished without lining.

 Although it is a different texture from the deer leather,

This also uses moist and soft cowhide with water dyeing.

There is a feeling of falling and for any outfit and body type

It is a suitable item.

This item that was the development of ONE SIZE so far

It has been changed to 2 SIZE this spring.

Size 56 = size that has been handled as one size so far

Size that is one size more compact than size 50 = 56.

Women, petite people, and standard men

It is a recommended size for those who do not like the size that is too oversized.






Women's Trucker Jacket

¥ 60,000+tax
size 32/34/36/38/40


Brown uses suede, and BLACK uses leather.

G Jean's 3rd design.

With a slightly shorter length, the body line is like the body

It is a beautiful silhouette.

The PopularHumongous seriesIt changes

It features a classic compact design.

Combined with the beauty of the silhouette and the luxury of leather quality

It is an item that gives an elegance even in a casual impression.






Western Jacket

¥ 70,000+tax
size 46/48/50/52/54/56/58


It is also a feature of Western fashion

Adopts a large curve cutting.

This item that makes you feel the culture

So that you can wear it even in a clean and mode style

I designed it simply.

Unlike Black's table leather items,

According to the color and texture of the suede brown

One of the features is that it uses YKK's antique gold zip.





Women's Western Jacket

¥ 58,000+TAX
size 32/34/36/38/40


Men's introduced earlier Western Jacketof

It is Women's Version.

This is also a cutting that also draws a large curve

It is a characteristic design.

Women's specifications are like the body line along the body

Finished with a beautiful silhouette.

By silhouette while retaining a hard image

A jacket that also has elegance.

As a specification only for women

Adjusting detailed silhouettes because it uses a double zip

Design that can be opened and closed.




This time, we introduced it to suede brown items.

A Leather depends on the design, finish, thickness, and thickness depending on the design.

The deployment color and size are changing.

Those who already have Black leather,

Those who have a gentle color like BROWN,

Those who like the classic and antique atmosphere, etc.

I would be glad if many people could see it.

Please visit the store once.

Feel free from Contact or email for distant people

I hope you can contact us.