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about "A LEATHER"

ABOUT "A Leather"

"The charm of leather is turned to all people of all ages and women. ]

Like silk, cashmere, etc., with high -end natural materials
Recognized leather
It is possible to incorporate it into everyday life regardless of age and gender fashion style
To be able to do it
A leather"This is one of the purposes of launching.
Like the image of the conventional leather wear
Not a heavy, hard, ragged thing
By making it a light, soft, and unbearable design
We offer basic leather products.
By wearing a year for a long time as the characteristics of leather
The texture will increase.
In other words, it can be said that the number of opportunities to discard it is the least product.

With chrome tanning and water -dyed finish, finished lightly like lamb leather, finished lightly,
The main material is durable cowhide.
Not only sewing, but also fasteners and lining are also made in Japan.
The cowhide raw skin was also produced in Japan.


The history of leather in Japan is in the Christian era300From around the age to the present
It has been engraved over a long time.
Think of this material as a luxury and elegant material
We are working hard on manufacturing.
Based on the skin generated as a by -product of meat culture and dairy products, as a raw material
Continue to create leather items that are loved for a long time,
One of the purposes is to convey this technology to the next generation.