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Humongous Coach Jacket

Humongous Coach Jacket


"Giant, tremendously big, big."
It is a word that means.
As the word suggestsBig coach jacket"of
I would like to introduce this time.


A coach jacket with a sporty image
With a soft cowhide tanned with a Himeji tanner
Using 1.5.
Humongous (big silhouette) arrangement
It is a special item finished.

A luxurious Japanese -quality cowhide with a sporty element
Because it is in harmony, you can wear it as a coat.


This jacket is a unisex item.
The size development is 50/56
Both sizes of various heights and figures
It can be worn by men and women.
Regardless of men or women
・ 50 for those who are 160cm or below
・ 56 for those who are 170cm or higher
The size is recommended.
However, the width and length are originally large and long
Both sizes can be worn without being caught by the body type.
It is a unique attraction of an oversized item.
This model is a 177cm tall, slender body type woman
I am wearing size 56.
A Leather staff's height 185cm Standard body male
If you want to wear it compactly, choose 50.


Not only can various people wear it
It is difficult to wear with a normal leather jacket
Thick sweaters and sweatshirts,
Tops with large sleeves, etc.
Combine everything as an inner
It is also characterized by being able to coordinate.
Therefore, from autumn to winter, from spring
There is also a point that can be worn for a long time even in the year
It is a big attraction different from other jackets.

If you are worried about the sense of size, the staff worn by the staff
Because there is@a_boutique_japanof
Please check out Instagram.
*"Monthly EXILE" September 2022
*As a new work of 20222FW
Silver and BLACK x BLACKIs also newly added.
Please take a look.

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