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A LEATHERの考える【本革】

A Leather thinks [genuine leather]

What is genuine leather?

[Genuine leather] is a material that tanned animal skin.

Naturally, the expression is different and the expression is different,

Of course, there are uneven color and scratches.

This is not what it was made in the manufacturing process,

The animal itself had it.


Some manufacturers avoid such colored, wrinkles, and scratches.

We may make products using only [Beautiful parts].

However, this causes more leather than necessary,

One cow should be enough, but it also leads to creating products using two horses.

We need to think about these things.



A Leather to make things using such materials.

The only thing I put in my mind is not only to stick to the beautifulness of the appearance

How to make as much as possible waste as much as possible.

It should be originally discarded in the brand name and tag

Use small leather fragments to reduce waste materials,

Utilize what is usually discarded as a material

It has been reborn as a product or a necessary item.