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Tailored Collar Jacket

Tailored Collar Jacket


 Even those who don't usually wear a leather jacket

Familiar design

tailored jacket

If it is a jacket of a material other than leather

Most people have it

I think you have worn it.

It can be said that it is a standard design that is also required for leather lovers,

It is designed so that it is a standard but a new impression.

A Leathertailored jacketteeth
Tanned by Himeji tanner in Japanese domestic raw skin,
Dyed softly over time
I use cowhide.
A Leather is a leather used in other items,
We use leather made thinly in 0.7mm thick.
This jacket, which is easy to blend in by everyday life
Combine softness and lightness
Wear for a long time,
Easy to layer on the inner and outerwear
It is finished.
In addition, leather is more difficult to sew than other materials.
Because tailored technology is also needed
Leather tailored jacket can be sewn
The craftsmen are limited and it is a very valuable item.


To match the men's silhouette

Pattern makeup

A Leather is also a men's item,

Because there are many sizes and there are options from size46 to 58

Of course, it is possible to wear women.

Also, A Leather is not only a jacket, but

With the same leatherONE TUCK TAPERED TROUSERSor

6Button WaistCoatDouble Breasted Jacketand

It is newly developed, setup and

We also propose a leather suit style.

↓ 6button WaistCoat

Of course, wearing in the setup

Besides a beautiful style

Feel free to wear denim and cut -and -sew

You can also add to the style ◎


"Isn't the leather jacket heavy? ]

"Isn't it hard and tough ...? ]

"Is it a little hard impression? ]

The images such as are greatly changed

It is an item.

If you are worried about this item, by all means

Please visit the store!


In the spring, we also plan a Pop-Up Store outside of Osaka.

Please look forward to it.


See the Tailored Collar Jacket page ⇨