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A Long Sleeve Tee Logo

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Material: 100 % cotton

  • made in Japan
  • CountryThe fabric is made by spinning the cotton as a raw material and is finely stuffed with an air spinning.
  • The material that increases the texture every time it is washed because it has a solid thickness and has a sense of shari.
  • Produced at a high -technology cut -and -sew factory in Tokushima Prefecture
  • Unisex items
  • Over -sized basic dignity T -shirt
  • For a silhouette that can be used as a one -piece piece of detail on the details of the sleeves
  • The fabric feeling that tastes as you wear it like a leather
  • Graphics abstractly combine various "A" fonts and express "A" with the overall silhouette.
A Long Sleeve Tee Logo
A Long Sleeve Tee Logo Sale price$89.00