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Kid's Moto Jacket

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Material: Cowhide

Lining: Cupra 55 % cotton 45 %

  • made in Japan
  • Use cowhide tanned with a Himeji tanner with raw skin from Japan
  • Slowly dyed with water at room temperature, and was shiny to finish the finish.
  • The lining uses a highly sweat -absorbing moisture -absorbing cuboton material
  • Classic double riders design
  • Because it uses the same material and parts as for adults, it is a full -fledged specification even though it is KIDS
  • A Leather establishes design as a fashion that is not a vintage or biker
  • In the manufacturing process, we use chemicals. Please avoid wearing children under 24 months after birth. If you feel abnormal on your skin, stop wearing immediately and consult an expert.


Kid's Moto Jacket
Kid's Moto Jacket Sale price$498.00