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Tuxedo pants

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Material: Cowhide
Lining: 100 % nylon

  • made in Japan
  • Cowhide tanned with Japanese domestic raw skin with Himeji tanner
  • Suede slowly dyed with room temperature water
  • 0.7mm thick and finished lightly
  • The lining uses Toray's sweat -absorbing nylon mesh
  • Production at the Osaka Sewing Plant
  • Unisex items
  • Express the dress code [black tie] with leather
  • Express most of the pants created with normal wool in general tuxedo pants with suede
  • Express the side line (side chapter) of the normal silk with the outer leather
  • 0.7mm thick cow leather so light and easy to wear
  • Finished in an atmosphere like velvet pants
  • For new styles that can be coordinated as "elegant" leather pants
  • It is also recommended to wear a set in a leather tuxedo style proposed by Leather


Tuxedo pants
Tuxedo pants Sale price$774.00