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Women's Cardigan Jacket

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Material: Cowhide
Lining: Cupra 55%cotton 45%

  • made in Japan
  • Cowhide tanned with Japanese domestic raw skin with Himeji tanner
  • Soft leather quality slowly dyed with room temperature
  • The lining uses a highly sweat -absorbing moisture -absorbing cuboton material
  • The simplest and light model of the Men's leather jacket
  • Sharp impression with three -dimensional pattern
  • A design that can be put on lightly like a cardigan by making use of the characteristics of soft leather
  • Specification of the front of the snap button
  • It can be used for elegant dressing with a design only in women's
  • Light and soft leather quality and for a long time ◎
  • Focusing on Japanese quality, the leather finished in a sewing factory in Osaka is also attractive.
Women's Cardigan Jacket
Women's Cardigan Jacket Sale price$780.00